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Repair Estimates

testing of a circuit board with an oscilloscope
Before we, at Marietta TV, Appliance & Microwave Repair, fix your consumer electronics appliance, a diagnostic service check is executed to determine an estimate of the cost and the time it would take to repair your microwave oven.  During this diagnostic process, we accomplish of the following actions:

  • ★Clean your consumer electronics applaince;
  • ★Inspect all electronic parts that may have burnt out;
  • ★Check all fuses and failsafe components for replacement;
  • ★If a failsafe device or fuse has failed, we trace the cause of the failure back to the source;
  • ★Check Precautionary Bulletins, from the manufacturer for special repair notes;
  • ★Check federal government for recall information on your applaince;
  • ★Check all internal belts and gears for breakage, aging, and excessive wear and tear;
  • ★Check for proper emissions and microwave shielding;
  • ★Prepare a written estimate for your review and approval of the work to be accomplished.


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Phone: +1 (770) 955-2631
Phone: +1 (770) 955-3156


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