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Rapid Response to Your Household Appliance and/or Consumer Electronics Repair Needs

Marietta Appliance and Microwave Repair can provide you with in‐home or in‐shop service.  You made a long‐term investment when you purchased the consumer electronics appliance.  Don’t try to diagnose and repair the problems yourself.   At best, you may destroy your investment.  At worst, you could cause a massive fire or lose your life.

For a $69 repair estimate fee, we inspect your household appliance and/or consumer electronic ddevice to estimate the costs associated with repair.   There are charges associated with making in‐home repair estimates, when you call us to schedule, we will specify the additional costs.   please see our repair estimate  page to see the services included in our repair estimates.

We repair washer/dryer system, convection ovens, stove/cook‐tops, refrigerator/freezers and other household appliances.   Marieta Microwave Repairs can fix your consumer electronic devices also.  In some cases, because of supply chain problems and/or businesses ceasing operations, certain items cannot be repaired at this time.  Our ethical standards, demand that we notify you of such situations.

For example, a very popular VCR manufacturer produced and sold VCRs with a defective and dangerous design flaw on the device’s motherboard.  "Shade tree" and unlicencened repair persons replaced the burnt‐ resistor on the motherboard.   While this fixed the problem in the short‐term, a bigger problem loomed.  The manufacturer warned all authorized and licensed repair shops of the potential for a fire hazzard caused by only replacing the resistor, the recommendation was to replace the motherboard containing the design flaw with the new corrected version.

Marietta Appliance and Microwave Repair is licenced and factory authorized to repair many types of consumer electronics appliances.  We can, for a small service fee, diagnose the problems with your consumer electronics appliance and give you an estimate of the repair costs.

Because we at Marietta TV, Appliance and Microwave Repair understand that it can be a great hassle to bring your consumer electronics appliance into our shop, we will dispatch a repair technician directly to your location.  Please see our page about  service calls to see the Metro Atlanta areas were we provide service calls.

We at Marietta Appliance and Microwave Repair, are concerned about your safety, never attempt to disassemble your consumer electronics appliance to implement a "do it yourself, DIY," diagnosis.  This is very dangerous.  A microwave oven generates over 5000 volts of electricity at high amperage!  A television/monitor generates over 40 thousand volts.  A computer power supply generates over 75 amps at 12 volts.  Less power has been used to execute people.  Furthermore, the microwave oven produces short‐wave radation that can cause health and medical problems when improper long‐term exposure occurs.   Microwave ovens are designed with shields to keep you and your family safe.

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