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Rapid Response to Your Household Appliance and/or Consumer Electronics Repair Needs

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Marietta Appliance and Microwave Repair can come to your house and office or repair your appliance and/or consumer electronics device in their shop.  When you purchased the appliance or consumer electronic device, you made an investment that will last for a long time.  All mechanical and electric devices break, and most can be repaired or serviced to return the device to its optimal working order.

Attempting do‐it‐yourself, DIY, repair is never a good idea.  You could destroy your appliance or consumer electronics device, cause a fire, injure yourself, or kill yourself because you were not aware of the proper precautions to enact.   Ease your mind, let the professionals ease your anxiety and save you time.

For a $69 repair estimate fee, we’ll inspect your home or office appliance and/or consumer electronics item to determine out how much it will cost to repair or service it.  There may be travel fees for mobile service calls.  When you call to make an appointment, we’ll let you know what they are.  Check out our repair estimates page to understand what services we execute in determining the repair estimate.

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We repair appliances like washers and dryers, convection ovens, stoves and cooktops, refrigerators and freezers, and more.   Marieta Appliances and Microwave Repair also repairs and services consumer electronics devices.  Some things can’t be repaired right now because of problems in the supply chain or because manufacturer'’s replacement parts have been discontinued.  Because of our morals, we let you know about these situations.

One example of a precautionary repair directive is from a well‐known VCR maker that manufactured VCRs with a dangerous design mistake on the motherboard, which resulted in a burned out resistor.  The burned out resistor on the motherboard was changed by " shade tree" and unlicensed repair person.  The maker of the motherboard told all approved and licensed repair shops that replacing just the resistor could cause a fire hazard.  The directive demanded a complete replacement of the original motherboard with a newly designed one.  The manufacturer and the federal government decided that this was the most effective method to implement the fix, rather than conducting a nationwide recall.

Marietta Appliance and Microwave Repair has the right licenses and factory authorizations to repair a wide range of appliances and consumer electronic devices.  For a small service fee, we will discover what is causing your device to malfunction or not work.  Then, we will give you an estimate of the repair costs.

At Marietta Appliance and Microwave Repair, we know how inconvenient it can be to bring your appliance or consumer electronics device to our repair shop.  That’s why we will send a repair technician right to your home.   Please look at our page about service calls to see where in Metro Atlanta we do service calls.

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Don’t let a faulty appliance or consumer electronics device disrupt your life.  Schedule a service call with Marietta Appliance and Microwave Repair today and experience the convenience and expertise that we to offer.   Let us handle your appliance repair needs while you focus on what truly matters.