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The History and Philosophy of Marietta Appliance and Microwave Repair

Everything you need to repair your home and/or office appliances and consumer electronics can be done at Marietta Appliance and Microwave Repair.  The shop’s owner opened Rapid Electronics Repairs on Cobb Parkway in the city of Marietta in 1987.  Because we know how important convenience is to you and that many home and office electronics and appliances are too heavy or bulky for you to bring to our repair shop, Rapid Electronics Repairs, our parent company, developed Mariettra Appliance and Microwave Repair so that you could receive repair service calls in your home or office.

Our service call technicians are very skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to repairing appliances and consumer electronics.  Our repair technicians are always learning more about how to repair newer appliances and consumer electronics.  Additionally, they learn newer and better techniques and methods to repair and service older appliances and consumer electronics.

Here is a short list of the logos of some of the more popular brand‐name appliances and consumer electronics that we service and repair:

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Don’t let a faulty appliance or consumer electronics device disrupt your life.  Schedule a service call with Marietta Appliance and Microwave Repair today and experience the convenience and expertise that we to offer.   Let us handle your appliance repair needs while you focus on what truly matters.